This is how your event on board of a cruise ship could look like...

Example of an Indian Wedding of 3 nights with 300 guests on board:

We recommend one of our cruise partners who will be able to charter one of their ships with 180 cabins for 3 nights in May / June / September or October in Nice, Barcelona or Rome.
The entire ship will be 100% dedicated to the Wedding!

Day 1:
  • Arrival of 300 guests at the airport
  • Transfer to the harbor with 6-7 buses (baggage truck separately)
  • Check-In including Welcome Drink
  • Sail-Away Cocktail and Welcome Introduction for wedding guests on the outside decks
  • Dinner in the Restaurant(s) and Welcome Party on deck

Day 2:
  • Breakfast and indivdual siteseeing on shore - Italy/France/Spain with picturesque villages and beaches are waiting for you.
  • Lunch on board
  • Pool Party on deck
  • Sail Away Champagne Cocktail on deck followed by Dinner in the Restaurant(s)
  • Bollywood Musical Performance on the outside decks
  • Bollywood Party on deck

Day 3:
  • Breakfast and individual siteseeing on shore or relaxation on board
  • Lunch on board with Wedding Rituals
  • Transfer of all guests by tender boats on shore to a former Italian monastery
  • Wedding Parade starting at the arrival point on shore up to the monastery
  • Wedding Ceremony Indian style with Fire elements, etc.
  • Wedding Party in the monastery.
  • Transfer shuttle back to the ship during the whole night.

Day 4:
  • Arrival and Farewell Breakfast
  • Transfer to airport and flights back home

This is just an example of an Indian Wedding in the European summer season. Departures from Asian destinations are possible as well.
For further information, please send us a request.
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