For Suppliers

RENT-A-RESORT is the only venue finder specialized in exclusive rentals of resorts (buyouts / privatizations).  Thanks to our expertise in both hotel sales and operations we understand that renting your resort to just one client (e.g. a company) can definitely be most profitable as long as you make sure you do not lose business on your individual leisure guests. You either add this profit loss to the price of the exclusivity (which most probably the client won't pay) or you decide not to sell buyouts at all. The best solution, however, is to choose a date when selling an exclusive rental can only be profitable for you - like a season extension or a "gap" to be filled during the season.This is where we can help you find a client who is also interested in finding a best-price opportunity instead of paying expensive profit losses. Therefore RENT-A-RESORT builds the perfect synergy between you and the MICE client Europe-wide. Our service is free of charge to you and will only be remunerated with a commission when a deal is signed.

Communicate your details

Your are a hotel or resort and you wish to cooperate with RENT-A-RESORT? Feel free to contact us to communicate your full details. Having all information on hand we will get back to our cooperating hotels & resorts as soon as a client's request matches their criteria. This service is completely free of charge as we only ask for a commission once a deal is signed!

Additional Promotion Services

If you wish to be actively promoted by RENT-A-RESORT, we invite you to have a look at our RENT-A-RESORT Cooperation Options and/or download and return our RENT-A-RESORT Buyout Option Agreement which will also be free of charge. Miriam Lisa, our Resort Relations Manager, will be at your disposal at for any questions that may arise.

Simply contact us for more details